Top 5 best Soccer or Football Games for Android

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world. Therefore, it is totally logical that it is also present on the Internet. In a very short time, soccer games have become most popular among football fans. Soccer games for android will put you in the role of the world’s best football players. Dribble like Cristiano Ronaldo, be the best goalkeeper like Iker Casillas, practice free kicks and be the manager of a large and prestigious football club.

Have fun with a wide selection of games for passionate football fans. Support your favorite club or national team or play the role of your favorite players. Prove yourself in the games of tactics and skills on the road to glory and a trophy. Best soccer game offer plenty of hours of fun for soccer gamers.

Play football games on android and enjoy the most important secondary thing in the world. You do not have to be maximum physically ready to participate in the most popular sport in the world. You can equally well show your skills and experience by playing soccer games on your android phone.

There are plenty of soccer games for android, and it is difficult to choose the best. What is the best game for you depends on your personal preferences and taste. However, it may be possible to specify several football games as the best games, based on their popularity.

Here are some soccer games for android that can be grouped in the top 5 soccer games:

FIFA by EA Sports



When gamers think about soccer games, the first word that comes to their mind is exactly FIFA by EA Sports. It can be said that this is one of the most popular soccer games among men. EA Sports continuously evolve FIFA game and adapt it to the new highest standards and the needs of gamers. The game is characterized by high quality and many details. So you need a large screen display to enjoy the full potential of this game. The new edition of the popular game FIFA 14 for iOS and Android brings over 16,000 players with 600 licensed teams and 33 the world’s most popular leagues. This game provides control of the ball at a high level, and physical interaction between players is advanced. Gestures and movements are very realistic. You will feel like a real football player. In a situation of attacking, players can analyze which solution would be more effective, in a situation of defense they can determine which position is better. With FIFA by EA Sports, you will enjoy the football as if you are playing on the field.

Real Football


real football

This is an amazing football simulation. While playing this game, you feel like a real football player. You can show all your knowledge and skills. You can deal with a lot of different things to make your team the best. You can reinforce your team, hire new staff, find sponsors and much more. The same as for the FIFA, you need a phone with a powerful processor to play this game, and enjoy its full potential. It’s hard to say which game is better, FIFA or Real Football. If you play only one game, you will miss the excitement of playing the other.

Football Manager

football manager

Unlike the FIFA and Real Football games, in Football Manager you will have to prove your managerial skills. In this game, you act like a real football manager of your team. Every year the creators of these games bring some innovations and improvements, which force many fans of the game to play all day and night.

This game makes you act as a manager of a team, therefore you need to take care of many different issues, such as transfers, training, tactics, etc. Game is based on the fact that you’re trying to make your team be one of the best teams by the end of the season. You must develop tactics related to the instructions for the players, interaction with them, the relationship with the management of the club, etc. Also, your role is to perform transfers, where you have many options when negotiating and signing agreements and contracts with players, agents and clubs.

Many gamers believe that football manager is a game that will keep you interested for a long time. For most gamers, it is the most fun, most intense and exciting football game ever made. The graphics and animations are great and the playing is intense, innovative and fun.


Free Kicks Games

free kick

The aim of this game is to hit as many free kicks as you can. This is a very fun game. It does not require a lot of thinking and development of specific tactics and strategies. This game may have different game modes and some locked contents which can be later while playing unlocked, which makes game more interesting. It can be played anytime and anywhere, it is great for killing boredom. It is much simpler and less demanding game than the previously mentioned games.


First Touch Soccer

first touch soccer

This game is not demanding like FIFA game. You can easily play it on the small screen display of your android. First Touch Soccer is a strategic game. In this game you need to move your players on the two-dimensional field. You have to move all your players in the field in order to score a goal. The game has a 3D view option, to enable more precise goal shooting.


Feel the excitement while playing soccer games

M. Competitions in all countries make billions of dollars. Now you have the chance to glow like Messi or Ronaldo while playing soccer games for android. Be a successful coach like Ancelotti, Mourinho, or one of your favorite football managers. Feel their passion and excitement, and enjoy.

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