How I rank Android App in Google on first position in play store

Yesterday I was looking for a mobile app in Google play store related to kids education, but unfortunately, the apps appearing in top results aren’t good enough and don’t deserve to have appeared on top positions. When I scroll down, I found an app, and I think to give it a try, and I was shocked to see that app is amazing enough and clearly addresses its subject, and I questioned myself why such fantastic app doesn’t appear in top search results?

If you are a developer, and you have apps on Google play store but doesn’t rank, so I will discuss my case study that how I rank my android app (Find Qibla Direction) and beat my competitors in just few weeks.

The first step to success in digital marketing is keyword research of any product; if you are done right keyword research, you will have already half battle.

How to perform keyword research:

Many tools are available over the internet but I use Google keyword planner tool and Keyword revealer tool to find out the keywords. Find those keywords that have a high volume of searches but low competition. Find minimum 20 keywords and make an excel sheet. Then do brainstorming which keywords are most suitable and money keywords for your app.

Create a Marketing Plan For Your Android App:

Competitors Analysis:

Before executing your marketing plan, it is necessary to analyze how your competitors work on their apps. You can analyze it by using free tool SearchMan and Google. With Google? Yes let me show you how. Just type your competitor’s app name and make a list of sites from where they are building Backlinks. You can contact the webmasters of those websites and request for a review of your app.

Now it’s time to create a marketing plan for your application. What are steps you need to follow to tell the world that you have some fantastic app on Google Play store; download it and enjoy? How can you increase downloads and reviews of your mobile app?

Word of Mouth:

Google play store algorithm ranks those apps high who have the maximum number of downloads and an excellent rating, but it is just one factor. You can increase the number of downloads just by texting your friends and request them to download your application and give a nice 5-star rating review, and this is called word of mouth.

You can also exchange reviews by joining Android app review exchange groups on Facebook. Few groups are AnDrOiD fReE nEt & aPpS rEvIeW.cOm®, Android Review Exchange, and many others. Send private message to team members for review exchange.

A third way is to buy gigs from Fiverr. Many gigs are available on which offers you bulk positive reviews in just $5.

Link Building:

There are many strategies available for link building. But I use forum postings, and guest postings for my app and both plans work great. For forum posting, you need to find forums that are related to your app subject. For example, my app (Find Qibla Direction) is related to Muslims who are regular in offering prayers and frequently travels around the globe. For this, I need forums related to Islam, Muslims and Android technology.

Now search on Google “forums related to your app”, I am absolutely certain you can easily find. Register yourself on forums and create new threads to write little about your app (minimum 100 words) and describe its features and create a backlink to your app.


Note: don’t use same anchor text again and again while creating backlink, in this way you will be penalize by Google. Try using variations of keywords in anchor text.

App listing/App review sites:

There are many sites which offer you to list down or feature your app on their website. In this way, your app will get more exposure, and this also counts in a ranking factor. You can feature your app just by submit the app on website submission page or contact admin via email. Make sure when you are contacting via email list down full features of your app, your name, company name, version, play store link, your website, and promo code if your app is paid.

Due to the huge volume of app submission requests, sites may take 4-6 weeks to add your app to their database so keep calm and wait for your turn and sometimes they reject without informing you. Few favorite app listing sites which for certain feature your app are:

PPT sharing/submission sites:

Create PPTs of your app describe features and share them on high quality sharing sites like,, and many others.

Video Promotion:

Create videos for your app and describes all features in details and share them on sites like and You can create high-quality videos using video creation tools I recommend Camtasia.

 Social Media Promotion:

Now a day’s social media considered as a backbone for every product marketing. Create app page on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter and update posts related to your app daily.

Final Words:

The above marketing plan perfectly works for me and rank almost all of keywords on 1st position in Play store in just three weeks by just doing 4 hours work each day, but it may vary for your app. In my opinion, it is easy to develop app then ranking it on 1st position, but your hard work and motivation can make it easy.

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