How I rank Android App in Google on first position in play store

Yesterday I was looking for a mobile app in Google play store related to kids education, but unfortunately, the apps appearing in top results aren’t good enough and don’t deserve to have appeared on top positions. When I scroll down, I found an app, and I think to give it a try, and I was shocked to see that app is amazing enough and clearly addresses its subject, and I questioned myself why such fantastic app doesn’t appear in top search results?

If you are a developer, and you have apps on Google play store but doesn’t rank, so I will discuss my case study that how I rank my android app (Find Qibla Direction) and beat my competitors in just few weeks.

The first step to success in digital marketing is keyword research of any product; if you are done right keyword research, you will have already half battle.…

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Top 5 best Soccer or Football Games for Android

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world. Therefore, it is totally logical that it is also present on the Internet. In a very short time, soccer games have become most popular among football fans. Soccer games for android will put you in the role of the world’s best football players. Dribble like Cristiano Ronaldo, be the best goalkeeper like Iker Casillas, practice free kicks and be the manager of a large and prestigious football club.

Have fun with a wide selection of games for passionate football fans. Support your favorite club or national team or play the role of your favorite players. Prove yourself in the games of tactics and skills on the road to glory and a trophy. Best soccer game offer plenty of hours of fun for soccer gamers.

Play football games on android and enjoy the most important secondary thing in the world. …

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